Immaculate Conception Church

Holyoke, Massachusetts

 The New Church for Immaculate Conception Parish was completed in 2008 to replace the existing church that had once been located on the same site in Holyoke. The 4000 square foot building provides worship space for the parish through a simple and economical design solution that was constructed within the owner’s limited budget. An efficient floor plan allowed for development of a Sanctuary and Nave with a seating capacity for 200 parishioners, along with accompanying spaces including the Narthex, Sacristy, and Reconciliation room.

The new church building recognizes the history of the Parish through reuse of elements and materials that were taken from the original church and salvaged during demolition. Some of the meaningful recovered materials integrated into the new project include the original stained glass windows, hardwood pews, tabernacle, baptismal font and the 1925 date stone.

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