Commonwealth Hall

Western New England College

Springfield, Massachusetts

The New Residence Hall provides living space for 240 students. The dormitory is designed with two wings on each floor, each with a separate study lounge, kitchenette and laundry facilities. Each wing incorporates single and double occupancy rooms, and Quad suites, which link two double occupancy rooms through a private living space. At each level the wings are joined through a common activity area, which serves as a lounge, recreational area and large meeting space.

The facility is sited near the center of campus, which allows direct and convenient access to academic buildings, student services and other dormitory buildings. To preserve exterior green space the building area of approximately 78,000 square feet is distributed over four stories, controlling the building footprint.

The face brick color and precast concrete accent courses on the exterior façade were selected to harmonize with the aesthetic treatment of nearby dormitory buildings. The classical style columns and arched top entrance canopy recall the more traditional forms that define the look and character of much of the campus.

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