Grafton Elementary School

 Grafton, Massachusetts

Grafton Elementary School on Millbury Street in Grafton is a new elementary school serving 848 Pre-K to 5th Grade students. The building consists of 97,520 s.f. on a 56.8 acre site in the western part of Grafton. The building layout is comprised of a two-story classroom portion for the K thru 5th grade classrooms with a single story wing for the exploratory and public use spaces.

The primary entrance to the classroom wing brings the students into the building where the administration offices, library, and computer room are located. The library is designed with significant visibility to the corridor so that it is very visible to all the students in the course of their normal circulation through the building. The first floor portion to the west includes the Pre-K and K classrooms with an independent entry and vehicle drop-off for parental use. The wing to the east includes the cafeteria/kitchen, music and art classroom as well as the gymnasium with a separate entrance to facilitate secure after hours use by the public.

The design of the building and it's relation to the road and wetlands capitalizes on the topography of the site while mitigating the north facing nature of the topography. A slight rotation of the building allows for an early morning sunny entrance for the start of the school day with a backdrop of green on the hill to the south. Existing wetlands provide a natural educational resource to the students and teachers.

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